Medwakh filters or pipe filters are very popular topic among dokha smokers. Dokha smoking enthusiasts tend to have different opinions and feelings regarding medwakh pipe smoking procedure. One of the opinions is what medwakh filters are best to use.

Pipe filters

Medwakh Filters

Medwakh filters or pipe filters are very popular topic among dokha smokers. Dokha smoking enthusiasts tend to have different opinions and feelings regarding medwakh pipe smoking procedure. One of the opinions is what medwakh filters are best to use.

Filters are one of the most popular pipe smoking accessories nowadays. There are various reasons why medwakh pipe smokers choose specific medwakh filters.

So what filter you should use for your medwakh? It depends. Getting a pipe filter is by far a personal preference that comes with some health related benefits, but also some taste related drawbacks. We would strongly recommend using them to make it a more enjoyable and healthier experience.

Benefits of a Pipe Filter

First of all, filters prevent impurities and particulates to enter your mouth. Good filters will help you by removing tar, ash and some nicotine content getting into your mouth and lungs. Choosing a right filter for your medwakh is without a doubt one of the better ways to smoke.

Dokha can be of different blends. When smoking hotter blends you may feel really harsh on throat and filter, in this case, helps slow the inhalation of smoke and have cooling effect.

There are a great number of people who are health conscious and carefully pick the filter for their medwakh. As mentioned earlier, choosing a filter depends on personal preference and taste. At the end of the day, taking in less tar and nicotine is while enjoying dokha is what everyone wants.

You must probably be curious about what filter is made of and what are the common types. It is important to mention that there many types of filters available. Common filters include cotton filters, paper filters and charcoal ones.

Cotton filters are the most common style filter. It consists of thick cotton tube, hence specializes in reducing tar and nicotine in dokha. Due to high absorption levels cotton filter may affect the flavor of dokha tobacco.

Paper filers come in a circular shape and made of many layers of paper. They prevent nicotine, tar and moisture from getting in, although dokha is dry and free of moisture. The structure of the filter is very simple.

Charcoal filters are very similar to paper filters with only difference of charcoal that is activated in paper layers. It is difficult to point out that charcoal filters are better than paper filters. The fact is that the charcoal filters are paper layers with charcoal applied in them.

Dokha is very small shredded pipe tobacco and easily gets into mouth if used without a filter. Filters prevent dokha bits from going into your mouth. A good filter helps you avoid that unpleasant feeling when tiny bits of dokha go onto your tongue.

Turbo Pipe Filters

We are happy to introduce various medwakh filters under Turbo brand to our customers. Since preferences of our customers differ, we came up with several types of filters to meet their expectations of medwakh filters. Turbo filters consist of different types varying in size, content and material. Our filters are great in terms of nicotine and tar reduction and dokha flavor remains the same while smoking.

Extra Turbo Filter

It is a superior product for our loyal and valued customers. This filter is equipped with the highest quality cotton, charcoal and magnet to provide the smoker with cleaner inhalation and cooler smoke. Superiority of this product is clear to dokha smokers. This filter feels light while drawing as it doesn’t restrict the airflow much. Extra Turbo filters are available in black, brown and white colors. Each carton of Extra Turbo contains 360 packs (1x15x24)

New Double Turbo Filter

This filter contains double cotton in it. Testing of this filter has shown to reduce tar and nicotine smoke yields up to 48%, although the taste and original flavor of dokha remain almost the same. Turbo double filters are available in black and brown colors. Each carton of New Double Turbo contains 720 packs (1x12x60)

Turbo Yellow

This filter contains high quality cotton that does not allow particulates and impurities to pass through. This filter lets you enjoy clean smoke by blocking nicotine and tar content from entering your mouth like other filters do. They’re simple in build and very economical as far as filters go. Each carton of Turbo Yellow filter contains 720 packs (1x24x30).

Turbo Tip

This filter is unique due to its length and extraordinary design. Length of Turbo Tip filter is 4.5 cm and shape is thinner than other filters that make this filter stand out. It is also available in black and brown colors. There are two types of these filters, crystal glass and cotton filters, both filters protect from impurities and provide a fresh smoke. Each carton of Turbo Tip filter contains 720 Packs (1x24x30).

Medico filters

These filters are used in our TURBO SPECIAL EDITION PIPES. Medico Filters are super absorbent pipe filters that remove unwanted tars and nicotine. When the filter turns brown, it’s time to say adios, as simple as that. It accommodates any pipe capable of utilizing a 6 mm filter. Medico Pipe Filters keep your smoke cool and clean. This filter is very effective and engineering is simple too. It is a 6 mm paper tube with number of perforated baffles on its interior. These filters are made in USA.